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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cobham Intermediate Goals

This year I would like to focus on:
Concentrating in class and keeping on task
Training for all sports events
Making new friends
Getting along with everybody

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Poison Dream- Not Finished

Poison Dream

One warm summers day two girls named Eliza and Ellie walked to the Fish ‘n’ Chip shop to get dinner. They walked into the shop and ordered 1 fish and a scoop of chips. As they walked home they started to eat their dinner and a stranger walked past and put two drops of purple poison onto each end of the fish. Of course the girls did not notice as they were looking at the face of the strange man coming closer and closer to them.
They went home and split the fish in half and there was no chips left because they had already eaten them on the way home. It was time for bed.
That night they slept in the same room, both thinking about the same stranger. Finally they went to sleep.

In the night something very strange happened. They both woke up and there parents were taking them to the orphanage.
They finally got to the orphanage after three hours of sitting in the back seat of the car in silence, both not knowing where they were going. The orphanage was a ratty old building and the kids inside looked like they had been working all day, and having no fun at all. There parents said to them “Here you go the lady inside will look after you until somebody takes care of you.” The lady inside looked very mean with dark brown eyes Her name was Granger, She did not like to be called by her first name, she was only to be called Mrs Granger.
They both looked at each other then looked on to the lady. They got inside the orphanage and all of the children looked up from working like slaves. The lady quickly snapped “Get back to work girls”. The children quickly went back to work. Mrs. Granger showed the girls their bed. Then she called all of the girls at the orphanage to come and meet Eliza and Ellie. She said to everybody ”This is Eliza and Ellie they are new to the orphanage” she pointed at Maddie a girl at the orphanage and said to her firmly ”It is your responsibility to keep Eliza and Ellie on track, If they go off you will all have extra dutys and no dinner for a week” Maddie replied “Yes Mrs. Granger”. Mrs. Granger said “if I do not” and Maddie steped in and said “If I do not keep Eliza and Ellie on track we will have extra dutys to do and a week without no dinner”. “Back to work”,yelled Mrs. Granger and all of the girls except Maddie, Eliza & Ellie went off to work. Maddie quickly whispered to Eliza & Ellie, “no talking while working, lights out at 8. If anybody gets out of line they will go without breakfast for 1 week and make breakfast, lunch and dinner for all of the other kids , will have to wake up at 4am instead of 6am to fit in their extra duties and will have to run 4km every morning for a whole week. So I am warning you to stay on track or we will have a big consequence” Maddie gave the girls their clothes to wear. They both looked at them and thought this is going to be one long, hard stay, if anybody ever thought to come into this orphanage in the middle of nowhere. They walked of to their bed to get dressed and Mrs. Granger snapped” where are you going?” the girls replied, “To get changed into our clothes”, she said back to them “No, come back here you must ask before going anywhere so for a consequence you must get changed in front of all of the girls here. Right now”, the girls turned red but they did as they were told and got changed in front of all of the other girls. Luckily the orphanage was only girls. Eliza & Ellie started to work. They mopped the floors and cleaned the windows. It took 4 hours to do one story of the big building. After the first floor the girls thought that they had finished but Mrs. Granger said as soon as they had finished the first story, “next floor girls”. They both thought to themselves but there is only one floor in the orphanage. After all of the floors and windows were done the girls were rushed out quickly so that she could get paid without the owners knowing. When Mrs. Granger got back the girls had dinner. Eliza & Ellie didn't like there dinner at all but they didn't say a word because they were very shy. Then the girls did all of the dishes and went to bed there was no talking and lights out straight away. Ellie and Eliza mingled as soon as Mrs. Granger left and she ran back in and yelled "who was talking?", noebody answered her

They get sent 2 a orphanage with a mean lady who runs it. They cleaned all of the floors in the building and they get paid the owners don’t know the the girls were cleaning it she calls the police for slavory she gets fired a new lady comes in and in kind a old lady adopts them she dies they keep the house and live happily ever after.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Maths Instructions

How to get to Room 14's Sissors
1.Start at the front door
2. Walk foward 1 big step
3. Turn 90degrees anti-clockwise
4. Walk foward 7 big steps
5. Turn 90degrees anti-clockwise
6. Take 1 big step foward

How to get to Room 14's Teacher's Desk
1.Start at the front door
2. Take 6 steps foward
3.Turn 90degrees clockwise

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Year Reflection

This year I have learnt lots about Blogger, Google Docs and how to use Skype
I have made lots of new friends that are going to Cobham
I have reached most of my goals(Active Listening ect. )
I have won lots of sporting events like 1200metres and Triathlon
Some of my friends have been excluding me.
Mr. Clarke and Mrs. Howison got some grumpy relievers!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Rainbow Poem

Red as emotions rushing through your heart
Red as the color that makes you hungry for food

Orange as the fruit that you cut into slices
Orange as the feeling of exclusion

Yellow as a Tennis ball flying through the air
Yellow as a new idea popping into your head

Green is the color that fills the fields
Green is the color of trust

Blue as the color that you look up to in the sky
Blue is the color that makes you feel cold and alone

Purple is the color that calms you when you are angry
Purple is the color of friendships that will never end

Pink as the color that fills your heart with love
Pink as the feeling that nobody cares

Grey is the color that you never want to see
Grey is the color of the smoke rising from chimneys

Black is the color that spooks you
Black is the color that you look up to at night

Rainbow as the mix of colors in the sky after the raindrops have visited

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Persuasive Writing Self Evaluation

Surface Features- Great
Because there is no spelling or punctuation mistakes

Deeper Features- Good
Because my ideas are great and my sentances make sense. There is a couple of ideas in a parahgraph

Title & Intro- Good
The title describes the purpose of the writing.
The introduction has a hook that captures the audiences attention and makes them want to carry on reading

Organisation of the writing- Good
The hook captures the audiences attention so the reader reads on. The arguments are strong but could be stronger. The summary is good and it wraps the writing up.

Strength of Argument- Good
I am only writing about the topic. Most of the facts are true

Publication- Great
Because I have photos and a title that stands out from the writing